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Refer & Earn

Here's the scoop: When you invite your friends to Rewardzar, you're not just sharing the excitement – you're opening the door to cashback rewards. When your referred friends make purchases through Rewardzar, you earn a percentage of their spending as cashback in your account. The more friends you refer, the more cashback you can accumulate. It's a win-win situation that turns your social circle into a source of sweet savings. So, spread the word, refer your friends, and watch your earnings grow with every shopping spree they enjoy!
Ready to dive into referral rewards? Login to your Rewardzar account, head over to the 'Refer & Earn' section under your profile. Here you will find a number of ways to easily invite friends: 1. Share your referral link with your circle. 2. Invite people you know via email using the email section. 3. Share your link with social media.

Master the Art of Referral Cashback

Unlock even more cashback with these simple Refer & Earn steps.

  •  Invite A Friend
    Invite A Friend

    Invite a friend by an email, social media or sharing your link.

  • Your Friend Joins
    Your Friend Joins

    Your Friend Joins using referral code and completes verification.

  • Your Friend Shops Online
    Your Friend Shops Online

    Your friend shops Rewardzar and starts earning cashback.

  • Earn Referral Cashback
    Earn Referral Cashback

    You get referral cashback every time your friend earns cashback.

Why Refer Friends

Benefits of referral

  • Boost Your Earnings
    Boost Your Earnings
    Refer friends to Rewardzar for double rewards! They discover savings while you earn cashback. As they shop and earn, you enjoy a percentage of their spending in your account. It's a win-win!
  • Expand the Fun
    Expand the Fun
    Enjoy shopping, earning, and saving together! Share Rewardzar with friends to transform each spree into a group adventure. Unite for deals and cashback excitement!
  • Strengthen the Community
    Strengthen the Community
    Invite friends to enhance our savvy shopper community! More friends mean a livelier platform, where everyone benefits from shared shopping experiences and insights. Join us!
  • Elevate Your Social Circle
    Elevate Your Social Circle
    Refer friends to share the joy of deals and rewards! Help them access savings while building a close-knit group of savvy shoppers in your social circle. Join the fun!
General Referral Terms;

Why Should I Refer a Friend?
Referring friends to Rewardzar not only introduces them to exciting savings but also boosts your own cashback earnings. As your referred friends shop and earn, a percentage of their spending adds up in your account, giving you a double dose of rewards.

What Is The Joining/Referral Code Field In The Sign Up Form?
We provide a unique referral code to each of our registered users. Feel free to inquire with your friends to see if they are already registered with us and obtain their referral code for use during sign-up. Using the referral code is optional.

Is there any minimum purchase / cashback condition to be eligible to earn the cashback?
Yes, you need to earn a minimum of $100 CONFIRMED cashback to be eligible for referral cashback.

Is there any duration within which minimum $100 confirmed cashback to be earned?
Yes, you/your friend need to earn the prescribed minimum cashback within 120 days of joining Rewardzar.

Do I need to earn $100 CONFIRMED cashback for every user who joins using my referral code to earn the referral bonus for his joining?
No, you don't need to earn $100 CONFIRMED cashback for every user. However, every new user who signs up using your referral code must earn $100 CONFIRMED cashback within prescribe duration for referral cashback to be eligible. 

How much cashback I will earn from my friend's cashback earning?
You will earn 5% cashback from your friends earning.

How long will the refer & earn program last?
Seize this limited-time introductory offer and make the most of it before the program concludes.

What will happen to my referral earning when refer & earn program is discontinued?
Your earnings are yours to keep, and you can withdraw them anytime as long as you've reached the minimum amount required for withdrawal.